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1st December – Industry Day

13.00-14.30Workshop on Entrepreneurial Theory & Practices
15.00-16.30Lightning talks on Sustainability in Software Startups

2nd December – Academic Day 1

12.30-13.00Opening Day 1
Introduction from ICSOB2021 organization team
Open speech from Prof. Nina Katrine Prebensen Vice Dean of Busines school, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)
Open speech from Terje Andersen, Head of Department of Business and IT, USN
13.00-13.50Keynote speaker – Letizia Jaccheri
Title: Reimagination of software for sustainability.
Session 1 – Engineering and Management
Chair: Krzysztof Wnuk
14.00-14.20Dominic Lang, Selina Spies, Stefan Trieflinger and Jürgen Münch. Tailored Design Thinking Approach – A Shortcut for Agile Teams
14.20-14.40Arttu Leppäkoski, Outi Sievi-Korte and Timo Hämäläinen. Framework for creating relevant, accessible, and adoptable KPI models in an Industrial Setting
14.40-15.00Nasren Azad and Sami Hyrynsalmi. What are the critical success factors of DevOps projects? A systematic literature review
15.00- 15.10BREAK
Session 2 – Software Sustainability
Chair: David Paton
15.10-15.20Jari Porras, Colin C. Venters, Birgit Penzenstadler, Leticia Duboc, Stefanie Betz, Norbert Seyff, Saeid Heshmatisafa and Shola Oyedeji. How could we have known? Anticipating Sustainability Effects of a Software Product and Linking Those to the Sustainability Values of a Company
15.20- 15.40Shola Oyedeji, Jari Porras, Hatef Shamshiri and Dominic Lammert. Software Sustainability- Academic Understanding and Industry Perception
15.40-16.00Yekaterina Kovaleva, Sonja Hyrynsalmi, Andrey Saltan and Jussi Kasurinen. A Study of Factors on Women from the Tech Sector and Entrepreneurship
16.10-16.20Manu Setälä, Pekka Abrahamsson and Tommi Mikkonen. Elements of Sustainability for Public Sector Software — Mosaic Enterprise Architecture, Macro services, and Low-Code
Session 3 – Emerging Technologies for Businesses
Chair: Sonja Hyrynsalmi
16.30-16.50Nichlas Bødker Borup, Ann Louise Jul Christiansen, Sabine Hørdum Tovgaard and John Stouby Persson. Deliberative Technical Debt Management: An Action Research Study
16.50-17.10Hongyi Zhang, Anas Dakkak, David Issa Mattos, Jan Bosch and Helena Holmström Olsson. Towards Federated Learning: A Case Study in the Telecommunication Domain
17.10- 17.30Gabriella Laatikainen, Mengcheng Li and Pekka Abrahamsson. Blockchain Governance: A Dynamic View
17.30- 17.40Samuli Laato and Sampsa Rauti. When Players Revolt: Catering the Needs of Player Communities in Video Game Development

3rd December – Academic Day 2

12.30-13.00Opening Day 2
Introduction from ICSOB2021 organization team
Best papers award
Introducing ICSOB2022 &  IWSiB 2022
13.00-13.50Keynote speaker: Jutta Eckstein
Title: Software Sustainability: Wake-Up Call for Taking Responsibility
13.50- 14.00BREAK
Session 4 – Software Startups
Chair: Viktoria Stray
14.00- 14.20Anastasiia Tkalich, Nils Brede Moe and Rasmus Ulfsnes. Making Internal Software Startups Work: How to Innovate Like a Venture Builder?
14.20- 14.40Maria Angelica Medina Angarita and Alexander Nolte. Supporting Entrepreneurship with Hackathons – A Study on Startup Founders Attending Hackathons
14.40-15.00Guilherme Guerino, Nayra Dias, Rafael Chanin, Rafael Prikladnicki, Renato Balancieri and Gislaine Camila Leal. User Experience Practices in Early-Stage Software Startups – An Exploratory Study
15.00- 15.10BREAK
Session 5 – Platform economy
Chair: XiaoFeng Wang
15.10-15.30Egor Yankov and Andrey Saltan. The Economic Anatomy of Paid Crowdsourcing Platforms
15.30-15.50Sebastian Gottschalk, Muhammad Suffyan Aziz, Enes Yigitbas and Gregor Engels. Design Principles for a Crowd-based Prototype Validation Platform
15.50-16.00Victor Farias, Rodrigo Santos and Igor Wiese. Power Relations within an Open Source Software Ecosystem
16.00-16.10Gholamhosein Kazemi, Orges Cico, Trung Nguyen Quang, and Anh Nguyen Quang. Risk exposure and management in software development – a survey of 89 software startup
16.20-17.20Discussion panel: state-of-the-art and future direction of Software Business. Chair: Orges Cico
Prof. Pasi Tyrväinen ( University of Jyväskylä)
Prof. Jan Bosch (director of the Software Center, Sweden)
Prof. Helena Holmström Olsson (Malmö University)
Assoc. Prof. Sami Hyrynsalmi (LUT University)
and an invited expert
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